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This is how we produce your story on YouTube

We take you by the hand and guide you step by step on the way to a successful video interview. 


As a multiple award-winning B2B film producer, Gregor Jasch will guide you through the process and oversee the production. His B2B image films have taken Gregor to all continents. As a coach, he develops and accompanies people, ideas and companies to online success.

Increase your success on YouTube and social media with your story as a video interview!

Gregor Jasch mit kunde

Seven steps to a successful YouTube interview

Book a Video Zoom Call online and tell us about yourself. What is your story and what messages do you want to convey in the video?

Let's get to know each other!


How much media experience do you already have? How are you currently positioned online? What support do you still need on the way to success?

View on the whole


Together we define the main thread of your story and talk about the dramaturgical structure of the intro, main part, summary and the call to action.

Development of the story


We roll out the red carpet for you in the studio and do everything to make you feel comfortable. In a relaxed shoot we produce your interview and photos.

Studio shooting in Vienna


In post-production, we prepare the interview for publication and make final content and technical corrections till we go live.

Post production


The video will be published on our YouTube channel including the accompanying texts, from there you can embed it on your website.

YouTube release


You need help with publishing on social media or targeted strategies for more reach?

We are happy to support you!

Social Media-Marketing


Let's get to know each other!

Zoom Video-Call

15 Minutes

Book a videocall online now!

Gregor jasch black and white

Send a message 

Angebote für Personen- und Kleinunternehmen

Wir entwickeln einen Plan und begleiten dich, damit deine Geschäftsidee erfolgreich wird.

Erfolgscoaching & Strategie


Wir entwickeln dich zur Marke und schaffen das nötige Content-Fundament für dein Online-Business.

Marke, Story & Personal Branding


Erzähle deine Story auf YouTube in einem Interview und vergrößere deine Online-Reichweite.

YouTube Interview Clips


Als WIX.Coach schaffen wir alle nötigen technischen Voraussetzungen für dein erfolgreiches Online-Business.

WIX-Webseiten & Online Marketing


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